Division Bingo

Division is arguably the most difficult of the basic arithmetic operations
and it is for this reason that many teachers do not attempt to teach it until after their students are fully familiar and comfortable with addition
subtraction and multiplication. Of course
when students first start to learn how to do divisions that will start with very simple sums such as 4 divided by 2
6 divided by 3
or 8 divided by 2
but eventually they will be expected to progress to dividing multi-digit numbers by a single digit number
and then
long division. Each step along this ladder of progress will obviously be based on the combination of good teaching and regular practice.

Once upon a time
it was quite common for math teachers not to worry too much about whether students were enjoying the classes – just so long as students were doing the work required of them
the teacher was happy. Things have changed in modern teaching
and nowadays most teachers are on the look-out for challenging and engaging activities for their classes – this is because teachers know that such activities really do encourage with learning. As a result
educational games such as bingo are growing in popularity.

Bingo is very well suited for use in class; it’s highly adaptable
it’s dead easy to play
and it doesn’t require expensive resources or materials. You’re probably familiar with the traditional game of bingo – well
educational versions are very similar – the key difference being that bingo cards containing items relating to the subject of the lesson are used instead of standard numbered cards. Thus in the case of a lesson about dividing
bingo cards containing division questions would be used
and the students would be asked to write in their answers to these questions
rather than simply ticking off items from the card.

The one issue that I have left until last is the question of where teachers can obtain division bingo cards? That’s actually very simple – they can simply print them using a computer. With the assistance of bingo card generator software
teachers can print bingo cards for any subject at all
in effectively unlimited quantities.